Professor Paul Bardos

Managing Director, R3 Environmental Technology


Paul Bardos is adjunct Professor at the University of Brighton, and a member of the Applied Geosciences research group. He is also managing director of r3 Environmental Technology Ltd and holds visiting professorships at the University of Nottingham and the University of Reading. He has over 30 years' research experience, and more than 300 publications.
Professor Bardos initiated research on UK contaminated land in the 1980s for the Department of Environment, and has been a major influence ever since. He has worked on biowaste re-use since the mid-1980s, and has been instrumental in the development of cross-over concepts such as renewables production on brownfields incorporating the use of biowaste recyclates. He is a leading international authority on contaminated land remediation technologies, and has shaped sustainable remediation ideas since the late 1990s.
Professor Bardos is one of the innovators behind UK (and international) concepts of sustainable remediation (for example, the Sustainable Remediation Forum), and a co-founder of the major stakeholder network NICOLE. He runs theEUGRIS portal on soil and groundwater management which has over 20,000 visits per week. He currently works with a range of clients, including government agencies, major companies, local authorities, SMEs and investment companies, with projects all over the world.

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